"The AEK-971 assault rifle was developed through the competition of perspective automatic weapons to replace the AK-74. The main feature of this rifle is a balanced automatics, which significantly reduces the recoil at a high rate of fire."


The AEK-971 is a tier 5 premium assault rifle.


The AEK-971 is a Soviet / Russian selective fire assault rifle that was developed at the Kovrov Mechanical Plant (KMZ) by chief designer S.I. Koksharov in the 1980s. The primary model, the AEK-971, uses the 5.45x39mm round fed from standard 30-round or larger magazines used by the AK-74, AK-74M, and similar weapons.




The W-task for the AEK-971 is 10 Stormkills, finishing it will give the weapon a Rakurs-A1 scope and is renamed into AEK-971 Rakurs. Completing the W-Task also unlocks customization for the AEK-971. See AEK-971/Customization for more information.

AccuracyAccuracy +5
RecoilRecoil −3
MobilityMobility −4



Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Gunman achivementGunman900 kills with assault rifles6000 CRLogo
Shadowgunner AchievementShadowgunner200 headshots with silenced weapons3000 CRLogo

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