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The Kalashnikov AK-12 (formerly АK-200) is the newest derivative of the Soviet/Russian AK-47 series of assault rifles and was proposed for possible general issue to the Russian Army. In late September 2013, the AK-12 was passed over by the Russian military. The AK-12 uses the same gas-operated long-stroke piston system of previous Kalashnikov rifles, but many features are radically different from other guns in its family. In-game it is more comparable to a machine gun instead of an assault rifle or carbine, this is mostly through it's high ammo capacity of 50 rounds and accuracy. the AK's fast reload also allows to bring down hundreds of shots in very short time. It is, with the right attachemnts, also suited for long range engagements.


"The latest assault rifle from Izhmash chambered for the 6.5 Grendel to replace the current models of the AK in the army and special forces of the russian federation.AK-12 has a much improved ergonomics, rebalanced bolt, a new rail system, and extended magazine for 50 rounds."


Achieving 1000 LongShots with the AK-12 will unlock the W-Task. It adds the Elcan SpecterOS Assault Scope and renames it to AK-12 Optics. The W-Task also grants the player access to the Customization. See AK-12/Customization for more information.


  • The AK-12 presented in-game is the old AK-12 prototype, a AK-200 derivative, that got canceled in favor of the new AK-12 (5.45×39mm) and AK-15 (7.62×39mm), both being AK-400 derivatives.
  • The AK-12 has the shortest reload while having the biggest magazine of all assault rifles.


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Gunman achivementGunman900 kills with assault rifles6000 CRLogo