"Developed in the late 1950s, the Kalashnikov modernized automatic rifle is an upgraded version of the classic AK rifle equipped with a metal folding stock. It is the most ubiquitous variant of the entire AK series of firearms with a rich history of military applications."


The AKMS is a premium tier 1 assault rifle.


Prem akms unlocked

The AKMS is the first GP assault rifle the player can purchase. It exhibits average accuracy, mobility, firerate and very high recoil for an assault rifle. However, the AKMS boasts a higher-than-average damage for most assault rifle and an excellent penetration statistic comparable to some top-performance rifle at later weapon sets, allowing it to operate wonderfully at mid to long range once basic modification and sniper skills were invested to improve accuracy.

Some major drawback of the AKMS though are relatively poor iron-sight, moderately high visual recoil and very obstructive muzzle flash when fired in fully automatic. It is recommended to use this weapon in two or three burst, or in semi-automatic mode completely if enough skills were purchased to increase this weapons accuracy above 90. Flash hider and silencer are also good choices to mitigate the visual muzzle flash. Also, the cost of the weapon is relatively high for its performance when comparing to many excellent assault rifles in later sets like H&K417d and M4A1.

Overall, the AKMS is a highly versatile AR platform whose performance really shines at mid to long range, and is favored by a vast amount of new players and some veterans due to its iconic appearance and excellent penetration capable of taking down heavily armored opponents.


Prem akms unlocked wtask

To unlock the W-Task, one must achieve 10 doublekills with the AKMS. This will unlock a PBS silencer, CTRaid camo and rename the weapon to AKMS PBS. However, the PBS silencer can partially hindered the rifle's mid-range capability, and therefore is not recommended after other silencer in high meta levels are unlocked. Completing the W-Task also unlocks Customization, although metalevels can be unlocked with GP before completing the W-Task. See AKMS/Customization for more information.


  • On the left side of the gun, there is a factory mark from the Izhevsk factory and the number '1975'.
  • When adding any optical or laser sight to the AKMS, the wooden handguard is replaced by a tactical railed handguard.