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"AN-94 is a unique weapon. First 2 shots fire with a rapid firerate and mostly without any recoil due to carriage recoil compensation. This weapon is not used widely because of its high price and design complexity."


The AN-94 is a tier 6 assault rifle.


Arguably the best CR assault rifle available in Contract Wars. This weapon is very accurate even with no skills. For a rifle of its type, it has rather low recoil that can be lowered to 5 or so with proper skills. One unique features of this gun is that every time you pull the trigger, the first two bullets are fired instantaneously without any recoil, giving the gun an exceptionally high alpha damage of 80 (damage of starting shot, 40 damage per bullets), making this gun somewhat similar to a short-ranged sniper rifle when fired in semi-automatic mode. As of current, when being spam-triggered in semi-automatic mode, the cone of fire of the weapon will not spread (in other terms it has 0 recoil in semi-automatic mode). Exploiting this feature while taking advantage of hip-firing with high accuracy helps this gun outperform a major number of other weapons, even most GP weapons.

Rifle an94 unlocked

With a set of very good base stats and unique features above, the rifle is a powerful AR platform in both normal and Hardcore mode alike, especially for players who extensively take advantage of high-accuracy/low-recoil hip fire. The only notable drawback of this weapon is its extremely high repair and unbreak price. Therefore it is highly recommended to use the rifle in semi-automatic with this weapon, and keep fully automatic fire-mode for last ditch scenarios. With proper trigger discipline, it is more-than-possible to make a payoff out of this weapon from Hardcore mode.


"Nikonov assault rifle equipped with PK-AS sight."


AccuracyAccuracy +7
RecoilRecoil −4
MobilityMobility −6

Wtask gear pkas Rifle an94 wtask

To unlock the W-Task, you must achieve 100 doublekills. You will unlock a PK-AS sight. The task will drastically increase the weapon's accuracy, making long range use much easier. The sight is off center. It will shoot a little below to the right.



Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Gunman achivementGunman900 kills with assault rifles6000 CRLogo


  • AN-94 is the most expensive CR gun in Contract Wars.
  • Due to it's low recoil in burst you are often able to two-burst VIPs when you hit the head thrice.
    • This is caused by it's high damage (40) and the headshot multiplier (x10) while the VIP only has got 1000 HP. (40*10*2² = 1600 damage)
    • In HC mode it is even possible with only one burst if both bullets hit the head due to the HC damage multiplier (x1.7). (40*10*2*1.7 = 1360 damage)