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"Steyr AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr- army universal rife) mod A3 was manufactured by Austrian company called Steyr Mannlicher in 2005. It is a compact full-auto assault rife designed as bull-pup. Highly popular around the world."


The AUG A3 is a tier 3 Bullpup assault rifle that costs 70,000 CRLogo.


The AUG is an middle-of-the-road rifle that can be considered jack-of-all-trade, master-of-none of assault rifle, which consists of a range of moderate statistics that complement the rifle's effectiveness mostly in mid-range. Despite this, the AUG has one distinctive advantage over other assault rifles, which is it extremely fast reload speed allowing the rifle to substantially dish out damage down range without much downtime. The biggest downside of the rifle, however, is its fairly expensive initial buy, high tendency of deteriorating and fair high repair cost.


To acquire the W-Task for the AUG A3, one must achieve 250 longshots with the weapon. The AUG A3 with the W-Task equipped is renamed to the AUG A3 HAMR, which adds an optical sight. Completing the W-Task also unlocks customization for the AUG A3. See AUG A3/Customization for more information.


AUG A3 become customisable using rail attachments, collimators, optics, and muzzle attachments since the "customization update" on July 2015.