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"Developed at the request of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Bizon sub-machine gun is primarily intended for counter-terrorist and law enforcement units that usually need fast and accurate fire at close ranges'. Based on the layout of the AKS-74U carbine, the Bizon features a very large magazine capacity."


The Bizon-2B is a tier 2 submachine gun.


The Bizon is a high-capacity SMG with potent statistics. It has the 2nd highest magazine capacity of any SMG (Being beaten by the PPsh41's 71 round drum mag), and while below-average rate of fire, it is balanced with a good damage. Combined with a decent mobility, the Bizon is an excellent weapon for clearing large group of enemies in close range. However, like many SMGs, the Bizon also has very low penetration, range and accuracy, along with a notably lengthy reload and noticeable recoil. These drawbacks limits the weapon to largely close range combat, although with proper attachments and skills its range could be pushed a bit further.

The Bizon is also the only SMG in the game that has access to high power optic, which is the x6 zoom PSO that would substantially improve the weapon's accuracy comparing to reflex and holographic sights . However, in no means the Bizon is capable enough for long range combat to make the optic distinctively useful.


"Modification kit consisting of a red dot sight kobra and the PBS. Used in silent special operations."


To acquire the W-Task for the Bizon-2B, one must make 30 doublekills with this weapon. The Bizon-2B with the W-Task equipped is renamed to the Bizon-2 SPN (SpetsNaz), which will add a red dot sight and a PBS-2 suppressor to the the gun. Completing the W-Task also unlocks customization for the Bizon-2B. See Bizon-2B/Customization for more information.


The Bizon-2B can be customized with sights, barrels (muzzle brake and silencers) and camo.


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Recon AchievementRecon450 kills with SMGs4000 CRLogo
Shadowgunner AchievementShadowgunner200 headshots with silenced weapons3000 CRLogo