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Team Elimination

  1. Never stay in one place for long , snipers and frontline assault players will find you sooner or later and this wont help your team.
  2. Teamwork is the key to winning , stick together with your team and always keep beside the VIP, the VIP has a lot of health so he acts as a sponge while you locate the attackers and dispatch them quickly.
  3. Snipers are dangerous in this gamemode as they can easily camp in any part of the map, the trick to snipers is that they always go for the high places, use the cover and trees to keep you hidden as you walk to the sniper so he wont gun you down. Going against a sniper without a sniper is a bad idea.
  4. If playing snipers , keep on the move staying in one place might help gain a few kills but the enemies will overrun the area sooner or later so always keep with your team , move cover to cover and keep your team clear.
  5. If you are after the VIP then repeat step C but this time use your knife, It may be hard to use but it is a one hit kill against the VIP and would save you a lot of ammo and lives.The VIP is always with the team so try to flank him and stab him. The sneak approach is suggested. Ask your team to keep him occupied so he wont look back.
  6. If you happen to come across an enemy with an lmg fire your weapon while running a circle around him. That means he`s gonna have to turn his gun making it less accurate as you spray him from all sides, this saves lots of lives.


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