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"Paratrooper modification of FN FAL rifle made by DSA Inc. It has shortened 11-inch barrel, tactical rail and RIS handguard. High powered and compact assault rifle."


The DSA SA58 Operational Special Weapon is a tier 6 premium assault rifle.


The SA58 is one of the most powerful AR platform in the game. It boasts an excellent combination of high damage out to 140 metres, high mobility, high reload and exceptional penetration statistic. With a reasonable accuracy, middle-of-the-road recoil and moderate firerate coupled with a 30-rounds magazine, which is quite large for a high caliber assault rifle, the SA58 is designed as an outstanding all-range assault weapon. There is currently no significant downside to this weapon except a moderately expensive price tag, which makes the SA58 highly favored and heavily used by vast amount of veteran players.


Achieve 60 stormkills.
AccuracyAccuracy +4
RecoilRecoil −2
MobilityMobility −4

The W-Task of the weapon is 60 stormkills. You will gain access to a COMP M4 sight. This will replace the "hard to use" iron sights with a more clearer sight. The additional accuracy and lower recoil makes this gun much more effective at range. The mobility reduction has minimal effect on the gun's performance. Completing the W-Task will also grant access to the AN-PEQ-15 tactical device and Osprey silencer at later meta levels, which are highly favored by experienced players due to their ability to maximize the range potential of the rifle while making it suppressed



Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Gunman achivementGunman900 kills with assault rifles6000 CRLogo
Merc AchievementMercKill 50 enemies500 CRLogo
Player AchievementPlayerwin a match300 CRLogo
Operator AchievementOperatorwin target designation match 75 times7000 CRLogo
Contractor AchievementContractorWin 100 team wins4000 CRLogo
92pxSpetsnaz100 doublekills in near-death condition10000 CRLogo
92pxVeteranMake 100 prokills30000 CRLogo
92pxQuadkiller I GradeMake 150 quadkills20000 CRLogo
92pxQuadkiller II GradeMake 750 Quadkills75000 CRLogo
92pxNemesisMake 75 double headshots23000 CRLogo