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"Converted into semi-automatic firing mode compact rifle from Desert Tactical Arms. It has good mobility and damage, and it widely spreads among the many PMCs around the globe. Assault version with a silencer and holographic sight."


The DT SRS Mk.2 is a tier 3 sniper rifle


The SRS Mk.2 rifle is an assault variant of the SRS rifle in weapon set 4, featuring a pre-installed silencer, handrail, a EoTech Holographic sight instead of a Nightforce optic and a black coating finish. It has good accuracy for a semi-automatic rifle, superior mobility even with the silencer and significantly lower recoil than its unmodified version in set 4. It also come with a silencer by default, which would be otherwise much more difficult to obtain in the W-Task of the unmodified version in weapon set 4. The silencer is very effective in this variant, capable of keeping the rifle's damage at an impressive 75 point instead of 67 in the set 4 base variant with silencer equipped.

At a slightly cheaper price than the set 4 unmodified variant and a thermal-friendly holographic sight, the SRS mk.2 rifle is a powerful and versatile rifle that can be easily adapted for both sniping and assaulting situations while staying completely undetected on the minimap.

The SRS mk.2, along with the Raging Judge revolver and Gold-plated AKMS, were removed and re-added to the game, while the TKPD Sniper and EBR CQB rifle did not see a return.


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Angel of Death AchievementAngel of Death700 longshots with snipers8000 CRLogo
Angel of Death II AchievementAngel of Death II3500 longshots with snipers35.000 CRLogo
Shadowgunner AchievementShadowgunner200 headshots with silenced weapons3000 CRLogo



Interestingly, the supposedly high-caliber silencer for the SRS mk.2 and the SRS rifle shares the same model as the low-caliber MP7A1 silencer of the H&K MP7 SMG