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"Desert Tech DT MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) is a new bull-pup assault rifle. Base version uses 7.62x51mm ammunition and equipped with 20-round magazine and EXPS2-2 holosight."


The DesertTech MDR is a tier 5 premium assault rifle.


This bullpup marksman rifle has medium accuracy, decent recoil, & good damage. While it is slightly expensive, if you wait for it to go on sale it is quite cheap. Accuracy, mobility, and firestab skills are good suggestions for this weapon.


"DesertTech MDR equipped with a silencer"


The W-Task of the DesertTech MDR is 40 doublekills. By achieving that, it will be renamed to the MDR Silenced and will be equipped with a silencer. This will increase the weapon's accuracy and lower recoil for lower mobility and damage. The silencer will keep you off radar when firing.

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