This page is about the CR submachine gun.
You might be looking for it's big brother, the premium submachine gun FN P90 DEVGRU.

"Belgian submachine gun (PDW) developed in the 80's by FN Herstal. The most recent modification, equipped with rail-system for additional equipment. P90 is valued by police and special forces around the world due to its ergonomics, high rate fire and good accuracy."


The FN P90 is a tier 5 submachine gun.



The FN P90 is a useful automatic weapon at close ranges. It has good accuracy as a sub-machine gun with moderate recoil, average damage and mobility, as well as reload speed. The P90's magazine, however, holds a staggering 50 rounds. When combined with the gun's highly-rapid fire rate, even the most modest of players can use the FN P90 to their immediate advantage.



"A Precise Combat modification applied to P90. It has a light red dot to ensure high accuracy."


AccuracyAccuracy +5
RecoilRecoil −3
MobilityMobility −4

To unlock the W-Task for the FN P90, one must do 10 stormkills. By completing the task, will gain a Micro H1 red dot sight. This will increase the accuracy and decrease recoil of the gun and decrease mobility. Having more accuracy and less recoil will put more bullets on target the sight is a added bonus.



Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Recon AchievementRecon450 kills with SMGs4000 CRLogo


  • The P90 has a word 'Reaper' scratched on the back of it's rail mount when aiming down the sights.

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