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"The Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle is a modular rifle made by FN Herstal for the United States Special Operations Command as a replacement for the M16.  Although the light version (SCAR-L) hasn't been successfully addopted by the U.S. Army, it is still actively used by PMCs worldwide."


The FN SCAR-L is a tier 2 assault rifle.


The FN SCAR-L, a cousin low-caliber version of the heavier SCAR-H, is similarly orientated more towards ranged combat than CQB. As the first CR mid-long range available to the player, it possesses an impressive range, medium accuracy and good mobility. However, while having manageable recoil for long range combat, a significantly sub-par damage comparing to all assault rifles and low rate of fire force the user to exert great efforts in terms of careful aiming to be able to be effective with the rifle. The SCAR-L is also the first CR assault rifle to have access to a high-powered Nightforce scope in its customization tree, which will significantly boost its long range capability thanks to the greatly improved accuracy once the scope is unlocked.


To acquire the W-Task for the FN SCAR-L, one must achieve 70 longshots with the weapon. The FN SCAR-L with the W-Task equipped is renamed to SCAR Optics, which will add a 4x HAMR optical scope and a Noveske flash hider to this weapon. Completing the W-Task also unlocks customization for the FN SCAR-L. See FN SCAR-L/Customization for more information.

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Remember these equations if you are planning to use the SCAR-L as your main.

  1. Low damage+moderate fire rate+low penetration=Not very good in CQC situations.
  2. To negate the above problem=Aim for head+damage skills from assault tree+armour penetration skill from scout tree
  3. Alternative to negate 1.=get a good pistol for CQC such as the Springfield Operator TRP pistol,Glock 18,Sawed-Off IZH-43,etc (recommended to get the latter for exclusive CQC)
  4. If you are unable to get a good pistol for CQC situation=knife the enemy in the head (getting headshots with knife is possible)
  5. If you suck with using the knife try playing in larger maps like Evac or Old Sawmill.
  6. If you are a diehard fan of this gun and want to play on small maps like Bay 5 then try to avoid head-on contact with the enemy,you will be more successful in getting killstreaks like rage and stormkill.
  7. Universal Tip! If your mag is low/empty and your in the middle of a firefight switch to your pistol and fight with glory instead of hiding like a coward,reloading and taking potshots at the enemy.
  8. Another Universal Tip! Practice makes perfect!