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Classic Kalashnikov modernized with folding stock, also gold plated. Popuar personla weapon of dictators, leaders and revolutinaries.

- Description

The gold-plated AKMS is a tier 2 assault rifle.


This weapon is obviously an AKMS, but with the exception that it's gold plated. This makes a difference, beacuse gold's atomic structure is made of a plethora of protons, making the element heavier than usual gun alloys.This feature makes such a major difference because of the following benefits. One being, that the weight of a golden AKMS allows the gun to become highly more accurate than the originial AKMS. This is because the weight creates an equilibrium between the recoil and the gun itself. Allowing for deadly accuracy, but that's not the only benefit that comes with the weight. In addition, to the equilibrium ratio between the recoil, the gun's accuracy is improved even more through weight distribution, since guns with heavier weights lower the shaking of the weapon, when you are hit by enemy firepower the gun's shaking feature is somewhat lower than most guns since the weight of the gun stops rapid spasms because it requires more stength to operate. The assult rifle is somewhat decent with a high accuracy of 82, but without gun modifications. Later in the game, this gun becomes totally useless against higher ranked assult rifles, such as the: AK-12, ACR-C, Scar-L, or Noveske Diplomat.


Currently, the Gold AKMS doesn't have a W-Task.


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Gunman achivementGunman900 kills with assault rifles6000 CRLogo

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