"Brand new Heckler&Koch HK243 rifle, redesigned by PMC to fire full auto. Tactical grip and 100-round extended magazine are also added."


The H&K 243 is a tier 3 light machine gun.


The H&K 243 is a converted and barrel-extended G36C into a high-capacity LMG. However, many of its statistics and functionality is most comparable to the Colt IAR, including a similar damage and rate of fire while having higher accuracy and lower mobility. While it is slow and reload is average, the weapon itself is highly accurate and can devastate groups of enemies. The weapon has customization, so it is possible to put on a variety of sights, scopes, muzzle brakes, suppressors, and tactical devices.




The HK 243's W-task is 100 Doublekills, and provides the weapon with a Zenit Klesch tactical device and an SDN-6. Though the W-task may seem overwhelming, it is easy to get and is more time-consuming than difficult. Completing the W-Task also unlocks Customization, although metalevels can be unlocked with GP before completing the W-Task. See H&K 243/Customization for more information.