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"Israeli assault rifle compact made in bullpup configuration and chambered with Russian 5.45 x 39 rounds. Has a high rapid fire rate, light weighted. Also equipped with Mepro collimator."


The X95-R is a tier 6 assault rifle. Also known as IMI MTAR-21.


IWI X95-R is a bullpup assault rifle, it has a traits like a SR3M compact assault rifle, high damage with high fire rate. But also suffers from low accuracy and high recoil.

Mepro 21 reflex sight


AccuracyAccuracy +3
RecoilRecoil −1
MobilityMobility −4


"X95-R assault rifle equipped with rifle silencer"


X95-R W-task is 30 triplekills. But when checking what the W-Task is in-game, it reads "classified". Finishing it will give X95 a SWR Spectre Silencer and is renamed to X95-R Silenced, giving it stealth capability and making it more accurate, as well as lowering its recoil as a trade for lower damage and mobility. To buy the W-task, it costs only 175 GP, which is probably an easier amount to collect than to acquire 30 triplekills.

SWR Spectre silencer


AccuracyAccuracy +3
RecoilRecoil −3
DamageDamage −15%
PenetrationPenetration −15%
MobilityMobility −5
RangeEff. Distance -15%
NoiseHear Dis. -50%



  • Treat it like the SR3M; X95 is basically a CR equivalent with a faster reload.
  • Burst carefully—X95-R has a very high rate of fire and it can chew ammo quickly, leaving the player needing to reload frequently.
  • Accuracy can drop quickly if you don't unbreak it; it could be a problem for free players as the player needs to constantly exit the match and repair.
  • Hip fire is average so don't expect to be it good like all weapons.
  • Thermal sight is not recommended using with X95, as the dot is still blurry like the one from KAC PDW.
  • It is recommended using X95 with Fire Stabilization skill, as it will help X95 have better accuracy in long range, useful for most situations.
  • Recoil is too high to kill enemies in long range maps, recommend muzzle brakes to remedy this flaw (Best when paired with "Fire Stabilization" skill).
  • To be very useful in HC, you need it to be unbroken and customized. The Osprey silencer, XPS-2 Holosight, and any tactical device work nicely.
  • This gun can be optionally used as an SMG since it's high fire rate and pierce allow it to compete with the Sig MPX and the H&K UMP45 (It's quite heavy though).



  • For a tier 6 rifle, it has a lower repair cost than SCAR-H, as well as other tier 6 weapons.
  • Even though it has a low repair cost, it still degrades very quickly like the rest of tier 6 guns.