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"New compact shotgun from KelTec has two-pipe high-capacity magazine. This is light-weight shotgun for close combat operations."


The KelTec KSG is a tier 4 premium shotgun.


KSG Range
Most players ignore this weapon and opt to use any other shotgun available. When the KelTec KSG is used people often times spam hipfire shots with this weapon due to it's rate of fire and large magazine which reloads one shell at a time. It also has a splendid reload and, like every shotgun, has a higher walking speed than other weapon types while aiming down the sight. In spite of having a rail for attachments this weapon lacks a W-Task and thus forces the player to stick with the default iron sights.


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Hunter AchievementHunter600 kills with shotguns7000 CRLogo


  • The KSG is the only premium shotgun in Contract Wars that can be purchased with GP only.
  • The KSG is the only shotgun with a foregrip pre-attached.
  • In real life the KSG uses its two barrels separately, allowing it to switch quickly between two ammunition types (for instance buckshot and slug). A three-position lever is used to switch the input and output of the barrels, only allowing one barrel to chamber shell and to be reloaded at a time. The middle-position will block both barrel and allows to chamber a round manually (the chamber needs to be empty though, so it is required to unload or to fire the already chambered round).
  • Ingame, the KSG is the only ambidextrous gun.

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