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Mags per weapon have been increased
  • +1 mag: KAC PDW, AKMS, SCAR-L, Gold AKMS, EBR CQB, AUG A3, HK 416c, DT SRS Mk.2, SVD-S, RFB, DT SRS, G36C, Vector, 9A-91, AEK, DT MDR, SVU-AS, SCAR-H, AN-94, SA58
  • +2 mags: MP5k, MP5SD6, SR3M, SR2M, PDR-C, AS VAL, EBR Sniper, M4A1, Scorpion, MP7, VSS, AK-105, UMP 45, X95-R, Noveske, Sig MPX
  • +3 mags: Kedr, HK 417d, VSSK
June 2015 Black Firday Sale
This Thursday the developers are making a huge black friday sale of guns!!!! Incredible discounts of 70-90%, works for renting as well!!! This event will last only for a week! It will end at 9 July, so you would have only 7 opportunities to get a premium gun, almost for free!

Contract Wars is a free to play multiplayer browser based first person shooter developed by Absolutsoft with the Unity Game Engine. Contract Wars is currently available for play through VK (social network), Kongregate, , and Armor Games.

Contracts Wars combines FPS and RPG game elements. One example of this can be seen when players level up as they complete contracts to earn credits and gold points which in turn allows them to purchase new weapons and skills.


Contract Wars was first released on in its alpha version on March 19th 2011. Then in Kongregate on December 18th 2012. Then in Facebook on May 21st 2013, and finally on Armor Games on June 19th, 2015. Every version can only be played through your browser but there are plans of release a standalone client for Contract Wars.


  • Weapons – Huge set of modern firearms from all over the world, tactical modifications, unique top-notch weapons, tuned balance and professional animations for each firearm to form an incredible realistic experience.
  • Role-playing elements – Combine skills from 6 different skill trees to create your perfect soldier, complete missions and purchase new weapons, form your clan or join an existing one and participate in battles, hundreds of contracts, 70 ranks, loads of achievements and awards to unlock.
  • Hardcore Gameplay – Hardcore gameplay for the hardcore gamers where even one bullet will put you down.


Do you like the MPX?

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Do you like the new map Overpass?

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Which new customizable weapon is your favorite?

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