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"SMG made from AK-105 chambered with 9x19 Para ammunition. It has improved ergonomics by using Zentico custom modifications and double magazine. Actively used bu Russan FSB special forces."


The PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN SMG is a unique weapon set Spec submachine gun.


Well rounded weapon which has an effective range similar to that of an Assault Rifle. The combo of great accuracy, low recoil, high mobility, fast reload, and decent damage is balanced by average firerate, obstructive visual recoil, and an expensive initial buy. overall, this gun is able to compete anywhere and should serve any class well with it's versatility.


The w-task for this gun is a very effective silencer and a micro red dot sight. To unlock weapon task, you must achieve 50 Doublekills.

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