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For a long while now, I've noticed that the semi and fully automatic pistols in this game are stepping out of their boundaries as far as realism goes. Typically, when you empty the pistol, the slide doesn't lock back until you reload it. With that being said, the slide{s} still falls back even when you haven't expelled all your ammo, which takes away the realism. I'm not going to call this a 'glitch' or a 'bug', but it could still stand being fixed to make the pistols more interesting.

While I'm on the topic for realism, I want to turn to hardcore mode (or even regular mode, if necessary). We hardcore players know by know that when you reload, you sacrifice any remaining ammo in the weapon. Sometimes, you'll use all of it, and your next mag will have the appropriate amount of ammo. BUT, why is there no one-in-the-chamber option when you change a mag that isn't completely empty? That also steps out the boundaries of realism.

In short, the semi/full auto pistol's reload animation needs tweaking to match their proper reload states, and one-in-the chamber should be an option in {at least} hardcore mode when reloading unfinished magazines, supporting the game's realism.

This is my first post, so tell me what you guys think. :) ~~~~Counter Culture


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