"Modification of the RPK from 100th AK series to meet the demands of small task forces. It boasts its high cyclic rate of fire, a powerful round, and a large magazine allow operator to apply suppressing fire, forcing the enemy to lie substantially in the field. However, these advantages are mitigated by its weight, long reload and recoil."


The RPKT is a tier 5 light machine gun.


The RPKT is a rapid-fire machinegun possessing a 75-round drum magazine, whilst paired with slightly-higher damage than the AK-105, which is in the same set as the RPKT.

Despite its immediate advantages, this weapon endows the player with unsatisfactory mobility, low accuracy and a long reload period. These can be compensated for, however, with skills in the scout, assault and destroyer skill trees.


"Machinegun, equipped with holographic sight allows to fire more accurate"


To obtain the W-task for the RPKT, one must achieve 18 ragekills. The W-Task will add a holographic sight and rename the RPKT to RKPT EOTech.


Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Suppressor AchievementSuppressor1000 kills with machine guns7000 CRLogo