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SVD-S Custom

Example of a customized SVD-S: EOTech HHS Hybrid Sight Surefire MB338SS01 Brake US4CES Bravo-1 pattern

The SVD-S can be customized with sights, silencers, muzzlebrakes, tactical devices and camouflages.

Tier 0

6PB2 muzzlebrake Base mechanical sight No tactical mods
"Stock muzzlebrake for Bizon-2 SMG." "Stock ironsights." "None of tactical mods equipped on tactical mount."
6PB2 Base Sights Base Tactical


Unlock: Make 100 longshots with the SVD-S.
PSO optic scope
"Standart soviet optic scope with 4x magnification."
AccuracyAccuracy +6
RecoilRecoil −3
MobilityMobility −6

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