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"Automatic sniper rifle SVU-AS with low-noise muzzle brake was designed for Russian Airborne, later was implemented in Interior Ministry special forces."


The SVU-AS is a tier 6 sniper rifle.


This gun has a lot of recoil, especially when aimed down sights untasked. Its is suggested that you use this gun in semi-automatic mode. this gun can easily achieve 100 accuracy with some accuracy skills from the sniper skill tree. When w-tasked, this gun becomes a normal sniper rifle, and the full-automatic mode is still not suggested.




In order to achieve the w-task, one must achieve 400 longshots with the weapon. The tasked SVU-AS will be renamed to SVU-AS PSO, which adds a PSO scope to the weapon.

AccuracyAccuracy +7
RecoilRecoil −4
MobilityMobility −6



Achievements you can unlock using this gun.

Sniper AchievementSniper100 doublekills with snipers25000 CRLogo
Contractor AchievementContractorWin 100 team wins4000 CRLogo

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