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"Old & classic sawed-off shotgun Izh-43. Compact and reliable close combat weapon. Used as secondary weapon."


The sawed-off IZH-43 is a tier 3 handgun.


The sawed-off IZH-43 is one of the only two sidearms capable of firing buckshot shells, with the other being the Raging Judge.

The IZH boasts very high damage, with each shot does more damage the the IZH-43 on single barrel fire. However, the damage drop-off is extreme and the low ammo capacity makes reloading very frequent. Unlike its "big brother" the IZH-43, the sawed-off IZH-43 cannot be set to all-barrel fire and both rounds must be shot one after another.

The sawed-off IZH-43 is a very good sidearm at a reasonable price that can either replace a player's main weapon in close range combat or be used in emergency situation, for example when caught in reloading.


The w-task for this weapon is a single prokill, unlocking the w-task gives the Sawed-off slug ammo.