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Skills are features in Contract Wars that allows you to enhance weapon stats, giving you advantages and perks in non-Hardcore modes. Specific skills may grant the player unique weapons.

To acquire skills, players need to spend Skill Points in the Skill Tree.

There are 5 main classes/skill sets in Contract Wars: Scout, Assault, Destroyer, Sniper and Gunsmith. The careerist skill set is primarily used to boost the player's progress and grant other skills.

When using the clan skills, the make sure that your skill points are more suited in that skill set. e.g. a player who spent 50 skill points on the destroyer class will not be able to use the clan's scout skills, where s/he spent only 10 skill points.


The Scout tree mainly focuses on mobility stats for main weapons and enhance pistol stats. Players should focus on this skill set if their style is to be stealthy and agile.

After unlocking certain skills, the game will grant access to the following SPEC weapons: the TT pistolH&K MP5SD Spec and the PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN SMG

Clan scout skills will give access to the following:

  • Scout Specialization I: +10 accuracy to every weapon (including pistols) and 50% sonar time
  • Scout Specialization II: Binoculars
  • Scout Specialization III: Visual target ID for binoculars


The Assault tree mainly focuses on primary weapon damage, and depending on the player's build, may grant armor skills and health regeneration. Players should focus on this skill set if they want balanced, fun game play.

After unlocking certain skills, the game will grant access to the following SPEC weapons: AS VAL MOD.3 Spec Assault rifle and Saiga Full Auto (FA) Shotgun.

Clan assault skills will give access to the following:

  • Assault Specialization I: +7 penetration to every weapon and 1 extra magazine for primary weapon.
  • Assault Specialization II: Thermal vision goggles
  • Assault Specialization III: Friendly/Foe identification for thermal vision


The Destroyer tree mainly focuses on recoil, and depending on the player's build, may grant access to the EFD grenade(s), more ammo, or the powerful Fire Stabilization skill. Players should focus on this skill set if they want to bear the brunt of the damage. Many of the skills here benefit heavy weapons with <50 mobility.

After unlocking the unique destroyer weapon skil, the game will grant access to the PKP Pecheneg SPEC machine gun.

Clan destroyer skills will give access to the following:

  • Destroyer specialization I: +15 heath and +20 armor 
  • Destroyer specialization II: +15 heath and +20 armor (Total of +30 health and +40 armor)
  • Destroyer specialization III: Ammo replenishment for clanmates.


The Sniper tree mainly focuses on accuracy of the primary weapon, as well as giving more awareness of the environment around him. Players should focus on this skill set if they want to keep away from the brunt of the battle, supporting their team from afar by picking off enemies.

After unlocking the unique sniper rifle skill, the game will grant access to the VSSK Vikhlop SPEC sniper rifle.

Clan sniper skills will give access to following:

  • Sniper specialization I: +7 mobility to every weapons and 30% more exp gained
  • Sniper specialization II: Antiflare optics (counters the Attention III skill)
  • Sniper specialization III: Adjustable optics (works for snipers only)


The Gunsmith tree mainly focuses on enhancing weapon mod stats and boosting the effectiveness of the sonar and mortar support items. This skill set is seldom used because of the fact that its skills are the least influential in battle, though he can be a power that needs to be reckoned with if s/he has the right skills and weapons. The class also provides cheaper repair costs. Players should focus on this skill set if they want to conserve their CR, use highly modified weapons, play mainly Hardmode or want to support their team more effectively.

The class specific weapon that needs to be unlocked by a skill is the IWI UZI PRO SMG.

Clan gunsmith skills will give access to the following:

  • Gunsmith specialization I: Fewer kills to acquired to receive sonar (3 kills) and mortar (5 kills) and +10 damage to all weapons (including pistols).
  • Gunsmith specialization II: Faster beacon placing/defusing time (Target designation) and faster target capturing (Tactical Conquest)
  • Gunsmith specialization III: Ability to capture targets by yourself (Tactical Conquest only)


Unlike the other skill trees, this skill tree was made exclusively for renting. Skills here lasts as long as the player chooses, and the available renting times are the same as weapon renting times, being 1 day, 5 days, or 30 days. The only exception to this rule is the Profile View Blocking skill, which only provides of either 5 days or 15 days of use.

Most skills here are boosters that either increase the exp and CR gain per round. Other skills can boost the progress of W-Tasks, Contracts, and Achievements. Unlike the other skill trees, there are no "prerequisites" needed to rent each skill, meaning you do not need to have a certain skill needed to unlock a careerist skill.


  • A fan-made site  was made for calculating skill trees as well as viewing weapons stats, created by a collaboration of Kongregate user serdeila and other players.
  • In careerist skill tree, there used to be a skill called "Skill specialist," which gave the players double the amount of SP earned every 5 levels. However, it was removed due to an exploit that gave new players an unfair amount of SP.

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