EDIT:Glock game me to bureaucrat rights. I will now be looking for Admins.

For a very long time me and TheZocker have been inactive for long periods of time and editing infrequently. I cannot speak for TheZocker but I am going to explain why I have been so inactive.

I have lost passion to play Contract Wars for a year now maybe more. I have little interest in editing on this Wiki. In addition, the developers have been inactive for while. Since me and TheZocker are editing very inconsistently, I am requesting Bureaucrat rights on this Wiki.

I have made an adoption request which can be found here where I hopefully can get these ​​rights so I can promote you users to edit and update the Wiki more frequently. If I do get rights, I will make another blog post on this Wiki and a forum post on the Contract Wars Kongergate Forums, which can be found here , to pick users for admin/bureaucrat rights.

If you have any questions or critizisms, please leave a reply or contact me.

Thank you for reading and sincerely,

TheNecro115 (talk) 12:53, August 14, 2016 (UTC)


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