TL;DR: CW will die, but wikia may have new life with Hired Ops. You must be fluent in English before you edit posts.

New rules:

  1. No edit is too short.
  2. Edits without the "minor edit" tick MUST contain a summary.
  3. Be fluent in English before editing pages, otherwise make a comment instead.

Hi everyone, I have some important accouncements

I know this is way the heck overdue, but since many people didn't get the cue, the Wikia's administration and therefore (most) bureaucratic rights has changed to me, Stuter, and Tux0n0.

I'm making this blog to state the issues that the game and its wikia currently have, and will likely have in the very near future. It is clear the end of Unity3D support is nigh, and with it, Contract Wars. I fully expect activity on the wikia to dimishish shortly after this.

Ok, so what do we do?

For one, I request that we keep working on the wikia until it is definitely confirmed by AbsoluteSoft (the actual developers) that Contract Wars is no longer supported. Moreover, many of you may have heard of the upcoming game called Hired Ops, which actually brings possible exciting news for the wikia as well! I have been thinking that we may incorporate the new game's features into the already-existing wikia, saving everyone hundreds of hours. I'm thinking of a layout similar to that of the Battlefield Wikia.

We need your inputs on this. If you have any knowledge of the upcoming game, or have early access and wish to share stats, be sure to contact me.

THIS IS AN IDEA IN PROGRESS. There is no real work being done yet. If you get early access, do NOT edit pages until it is confirmed.

Some ground rules

There are far too many times where wikia editors will cause grammatical errors on the pages. If you are going to edit a page, BE FLUENT IN ENGLISH. If you see a mistake, put it in the comments and let others do the rest. Consistient grammar errors will result in a friendly warning. After this, you may recieve a temporary ban.

Regarding edits, if you make a small adjustment (like typo or grammar fixing), PLEASE use the "minor edit" tick. If you do not creating a minor edit, a summary MUST be given.

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