"VSS - World known unique silent sniper rifle of Russian special forces. Designed for special operations, and effective at distances up to 300 meters."

- Description

The VSS Vintorez is a tier 5 sniper.


The Vintorez is a unique weapon with an integrated silencer, and the one ot the two only sniper rifles in the game capable of performing fully-automatic fire, with the other being the SVU-AS. Despite being one of two snipers in the entire game (the other being the Special Vikhlop sniper) that has an integrated silencer, shooting the VSS Vintorez will reveal the shooters' location on the minimap in a significantly shorter distance than most weapon, while the VSSK will not reveal the shooter whatsoever.

The VSS Vintorez possesses a decent damage, albeit below-average comparing to most sniper rifle, and an extremely high rate of fire at relatively low recoil. Despite these excellent characteristics, with a small magazine size of 10 rounds per mag, the rifle's effectiveness in close range is slightly detrimented. At long range, semi-automatic fire is highly recommended to conserve the weapon's limited ammunition capacity. However, during an emergency situation or encounter in close-quarter, firing the weapon in fully automatic will quickly destroy the immediate threat to the player. Another limitation of firing in fully automatic, is that it will greatly increase the deterioration of the rifle, which subject the user to an extremely high repair cost on top of the expensive initial buy. Semi-automatic fire should be used whenever possible to mitigate this setback.

Overall, the gun is an excellent choice for sneaky, silent kills. However, the low magazine size combined with the high rate of fire will force you to reload very often, emphasizing the need to use this weapon at range. This also reduces the accuracy very quickly due to deterioration. To solve this, you will either have to permanently unbreak the gun for a hefty 400 GP or strictly use the semi-auto fire mode.


The W-task for the VSS Vintorez is 130 longshots. Finishing it will unlock the PSO scope, giving the VSS its intended true role as a long-ranged sniper.

PSO Optic Scope

AccuracyAccuracy +6
RecoilRecoil −3
MobilityMobility −6


You will be able to add optics and sights to this weapon. You cannot change the barrel because the gun has an integrated silencer. Visit this page for more info about which mods the VSS Vintorez has.

Vsscust1 Vsscust2


VSS Vintorez Shooting Test

VSS Vintorez Shooting Test