"VSS - World known unique silent sniper rifle of Russian special forces. Designed for special operations, and effective at distances up to 300 meters."

- Description

The VSS Vintorez is a tier 5 sniper.


The Vintorez is a sniper rifle with average accuracy and an extremely high rate of fire for a sniper. It is one of few snipers to have the stock version with iron sights and no scope.

The VSS Vintorez is much more special than most other sniper rifles, featuring a selective fire mode. This means you can choose to shoot full-auto or semi auto. The only other sniper with a selective fire mode is the SVU-AS. But unlike the SVU-AS, the VSS is the one of two snipers in the entire game (the other being the Special Vikhlop sniper) that has an integrated silencer, meaning shooting with the stock gun will not make you show on the radar.

In real life, the VSS Vintorez is a variant of the AS VAL. As such, it plays similar at medium range and, to an extent, close range. Even the gunshot sounds are identical. However, as a sniper the VSS is meant to be used as a ranged weapon, especially when using it upon the W-Task completion.

Overall, the gun is an excellent choice for sneaky, silent kills. However, the low magazine size combined with the high rate of fire will force you to reload very often, emphasizing the need to use this weapon at range. This also reduces the accuracy very quickly due to deterioration. To solve this, you will either have to permanently unbreak the gun for 400 GP or strictly use the semi-auto firemode.


The W-task for the VSS Vintorez is 130 longshots. Finishing it will unlock the PSO scope, giving the VSS its intended true role as a long-ranged sniper.

PSO Optic Scope

AccuracyAccuracy +6
RecoilRecoil −3
MobilityMobility −6


You will be able to add optics and sights to this weapon. You cannot change the barrel because the gun has an integrated silencer. Visit this page for more info about which mods the VSS Vintorez has.

Vsscust1 Vsscust2


VSS Vintorez Shooting Test01:57

VSS Vintorez Shooting Test

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