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A series of tactical modifications of weapons to increase their capabilities statistically

There are a couple of Modifications you can put on your gun.

You have to complete the W-Task of a gun before you can customize it.


First of all, there are supressors (known as silencers), most of the guns without their W-Task don't have supressors, and will shoot with a flame that will unmask them when they are, for example, in a bush on the bridge map. A supressor will hide your flame, and make your gun make less sound. This is a good modification on snipers, because it will make them less visible to other snipers and/or people with other guns.

Stats For Supressors

  •  Accuracy: A Supressor will make your accuracy higher, but only on your main gun.
  •  Recoil: Most of the supressors will remove some recoil.
  • Mobility: A Supressor will remove some mobility.
  • Damage: A supressor will remove damage, how much depends on wich type of gun you have (for example: shotgun supressors can remove higher than 15 damage, and on an assault rifle only 5 damage)
  • Penetration: Supressors won't affect your penetration.

Collimator And Red Dot Sights

Secondly, there are Red Dot and Collimator Sights. The Red dot and collimator sight mostly have a Dot or small circle in the middle of the sight to make your aim better, and if you have the skill, you can have some additional zoom for Only the collimator sight.

Stats For Red dot and Collimator Sights

  • Accuracy: A Sight will make your accuracy higher.
  • Recoil: A Sight will lower your recoil.
  • Mobility: A Sight will lower your mobility.
  • Damage: A Sight wont affect your damage.
  • Penetration: A sight wont affect your penetration.

Optics And Scopes

There are also Optics and Scopes. The Optics Are basicy the same as a sight, but the main difference is that an Optic will zoom in, so you can see and shoot further with more accuracy.

Stats For Optics and Scopes

  • Accuracy: Optics will make your accuracy higher
  • Recoil: Optics will lower your recoil.
  • Mobility: Optics will lower your mobility.
  • Damage: Optics wont affect your damage
  • Penetration: Optics wont affect your penetration

- Laser pointers + Flashlights

This is a modification you wont see on many guns, and it wont show a laser on your enemy unfortunately, But it will make the stats of your gun better

Stats of Laser pointers + Flashlights

  • Accuracy: A laser kit will make your accuracy higher.
  • Recoil: A Laser kit will lower your recoil.
  • Mobility: A Laser kit will lower your mobility.
  • Damage: A Laser kit wont affect your damage.
  • Penetration: A Laser kit wont affect your Penetration

Small Q&A

  • Q: My GP gun says it has a 0% W task, is this a bug?
  • A: No it is not. You should check the page of your gp gun on this wiki to find out what the W task is.
  • Q: I dont want to get all those special kills to get my W task, can i skip this?
  • A: Yes, go to your guns list. Click the W-Task button and then click the unlock button to see the price of your W-Task Note: Your gun will cost GP, so if you dont feel like spending gp. you need to get kills for your W task
  • Q: Can i skip my GP gun W tack?
  • A: No, you can't.